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Things I Love: My Laptop, Mp3, books, Music, Sony Vegs, Photoshop, Photography, my Blogs, Chatting and mostly importantly being myself!

Shows: Person of Interest, Fargo, The Blacklist, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Pretty Littlle Liars, Once Upon A Time, LOST, Prison Break, The West Wing, FRIENDS and other Urdu shows. :)

I Ship: Reese/Finch, John/Sherlock, Hook/Bae, Red/Victor, Rumple/Bae, Rumple/Belle, Stelena.

My most fav. things to do: writing (inc. blog updates), reading books, listening to music (its food for my soul) Videos Editing, Photography, Pictures Editing, Wathing shows/videos.




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May - Sep 2014

R.I.P our lovely beard… we love you! 


it’s been exactly 10 years since Rachel got off that plane and I’m still not over it.

this is how you end a show. you don’t give the audience exactly what they want, or take it completely away from them either, you leave them with the idea of what could be

you don’t throw all sanity to hell in the hopes of going out with a bang, you go out with a warm hug and a thank you 

you don’t give the characters the perfect dream ending, you give them something better

and this is how you end a show that is so powerful, people are still emotional about it 10 years after it ends.


Todo mundo fodido e eles de boa apenas relaxando em quem sabe onde!


Stefan Salvatore 6.01

The Vampire Diaries - Cronicas Vampiricas - TVD 


Every day, I tell you I hate that. And every day, I do it anyway. Bon appétit. 

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